Sunday, June 1, 2008

ISN Pedestrian Rally

The parent's club at Payton's school hosted a pedestrian rally today. It was a good time. We started the day with a picnic and playtime at a nearby park. From there we took a tram into town and started our rally. We finished with a tram back to the park for more playtime, cool drinks and friendly conversation.

The organizers planned a walking route through Neuchâtel. They provided us with a questionnaire and the answers were found somewhere along the route. The questions were meant for the children to answer, and Payton did answer 2 or 3, but Kathleen and I completed Payton's paper.

It was a pretty good walk - maybe 3 or 4 km. Kathleen and Payton made it the whole way. We even learned a few things too. The best thing I learned is that parking doesn't cost as much at the train station as I thought. As long as you're using the train parking is about 60% off. I didn't know this and have been paying full price. I won't be doing that anymore.

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  1. in the last picture, looks like Payton is giving the little girl in white shirt and pants, the flirty eyes. Very cute


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