Sunday, June 22, 2008

This weekend has been a beach

Well first off, the beaches here aren't like an ocean's. They're river rock instead of sand. You need to wear shoes for both comfort and safety. It hurts to walk on the rocks. The kids - it doesn't both them, but this old man can't take it. We got Payt some nice waterproof sandals. Kathleen and I need some - Crocs just won't cut it. Still they are quite fun and relaxing. For me the backdrop of our lake beaches is much more interesting. We see many boats sailing to and fro, boat taxis cruising about the lake and mountains with forests surrounding it all.
The water is really clear. I think you can see to a depth of about 5-10 ft. Right now it has a pretty greenish-blue cast to it. This just appeared recently. I suspect it has something to do with the warmer temperatures and its effects on the water.
Today is Sunday and we'll be heading down to beach once again to spend our afternoon there. The three of us spent Friday and Saturday there too. It has been very warm here after a lengthy bout of rainy weather. Today's high is expected to be about 88°. Here is Payton in his zen position preparing for today. Well it's either that or he was watching cartoons this morning.

Here is our favorite beach. It's downtown so there is easy parking nearby, plenty of people and if we get there at the right time we get to sit under a nice shade tree with this view of the beach.

Click on the above panorama picture. See the gal on the far right - what's she doing? I don't know, but she isn't peeing in the lake. I'm pretty sure she is holding a swan feather.

The only thing missing in this picture is a Corona - which you can get here, but I don't like. Bud Light I like, but you can't get the good stuff here. Payton likes to wade out to the rock breaker and climb around. We keep a good eye on him because on the far side the water gets deep fast.Payton had just the best weekend. His Mom and me did too.

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