Friday, June 27, 2008

Hwy 10 tunnel opened today

Today was a big local event. For years the Swiss Highway Department has been building a new tunnel to by-pass the Corcelles-Cormondrèche stretch of Highway 10. This stretch of road is very narrow. In fact there are a couple of choke points where you have to yield because you and the big truck coming at you won't squeeze through together. They say some 15,000 cars and trucks travel this road each day during the week. Imagine that kind of traffic on your local street. That's what it is like.

Though we won't really use this tunnel, we will use the new Rue de la Cure section. This is marked on the map in red. Our old route (red dashes) had us driving through two choke points and making a very sharp right turn to go home. Our drive home just got a lot easier.

Anyhow, today was the grand opening. Before opening it up to traffic they allowed citizens to walk and bicycle through it. I guess tunnel openings here are a big thing. At the allowed time (16:30) Payton and I biked down to the tunnel's eastward opening - the downhill end of the tunnel. From there we started riding uphill. Though we both rode I was the only one pedaling! It was nice and cool with a good breeze. The western uphill opening is actually higher than our house so it was a pretty easy ride home.

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  1. I have added your blogsite to my bookmark! What did you think of our little house? We love it. I bought a new flatscreen TV for the bedroom, and family room. I got a nice Manhattan recliner from the PB outlet. (I don't think you guys ever made it up there, did you?) They are building a new outlet mall they say is going to be 5-10 minutes from Kings Island, with many of the same stores and more! They are also building a HUGE indoor train display place near West Chester. That should be a really neat place to take the kids. The train place should be pretty cool, too. :)


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