Monday, June 16, 2008

Neuchâtel area vs. Cincinnati area

Just how big, or small, is Neuchâtel or Switzerland for that matter? In the map below Neuchâtel is highlighted in the center of the circle. The circle has an approximate radius of 22 miles (44 miles across). Twenty-two miles is the distance (as the crow flies) from our Loveland home to the Cincinnati airport. The capital of Switzerland - Bern - is just outside the eastern edge of the circle.

(Click on the map to enlarge)

Any major U.S. city just dwarfs the cities and towns in Switzerland. It amazes me what all I can see here within 'a drive across' the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Last Saturday we went up to the highest spot in our area - Chasseral Pass. It's about a mile (5240 ft.) above sea level. Our house is at about 1980 ft - a 3000 ft. difference. Our Loveland house is about 725 ft. I saw the coolest thing up there. A glider was flying around and he buzzed the mountain top. It flew by me not much higher than me, but not directly over my head. What was so cool was the sound. You think of gliders as being silent. Anything moving through the air fast is going to make noise. The thing sounded like a very quite jet plane. It was really cool. People parasail off this mountain too. We saw some of this too. I just bet that Kathleen is going to want to do this next summer.

(1644 meters = 5393 feet)
Yep, I bet she'll want to go sailing. She went ballooning. This isn't a whole lot different.

We did one other thing last Saturday, we set up our baby room. It's really more like a baby corner. Our third bedroom is now an exercise room / playroom / baby room. Yep, we're starting to get really psyched about our new baby!

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