Friday, July 18, 2008

6 weeks to go!

Due to an overwhelming number of requests, I am providing you all with a picture of how I am looking at this stage in my pregnancy. I was also brave enough to give you a nice side view so you could really get a good sense of my girth! This is also to provide, for those interested, a forum to take a guess at when I will deliver! Here are the important facts that should help you with your guessing.

  • My due date is September 1st
  • Payton was 6 days late at 8lbs. 10 oz.
  • It's a boy!
  • I am currently 20 lbs lighter than my final Payton weight!
  • There is a full moon on August 16th
  • I am walking 3 miles at least 5 days a week (at least till now)

I am feeling great. It is starting to get uncomfortable to sit at my desk and my feet swell some by the end of the day, but I am trying to walk around often and drink lots of water. Fortunately the summer has been very cool here compared to anything in the US which is a blessing since homes do not have AC here! It's also amazing what not having a Dairy Queen down the street will do for you! I do really miss my soft serve chocolate cones with chocolate dip though!

I plan on working as long as I can. I have tons to do and it's not like I can sit home and watch Oprah! Besides, after the week I spent home with Payton I quickly realized that going to work is a much easier day (at least physically) than staying home. Being Spiderman's mommy is hard work!

So feel free to take a guess at my due date by logging a comment or sending an email. If you win maybe you'll get some Swiss Chocolate as reward!


  1. My guess is....August 28. 2 & 8 are very lucky numbers in China and with this being the year of the Beijing Olympics I think it would be fitting. (fyi - have you ever noticed that a lot of kids clothes made in China have the number 28 on them?)

  2. Rick Sedlatschek - February 5th!

  3. Lori Chowning - September 3rd
    Michelle DeJonge - August 25th

  4. My guess is august 22th. I have no logic except that my birthday is on the 22nd of february. Pam will give her guess later. Since her birthday is on the 20th of June, I will bet she guesses the 20th.

  5. Michelle - August 25th
    Annette - August 28th
    Mary Beth - August 31st
    Robyn - September 1st
    Joe - September 2nd
    Lori - September 3rd
    Karen - September 4th
    Rick - September 5th

  6. Glo Francis said August 3rd which is Jack Allinson's birthday. Diane LeBlanc said August 25 and Missy Pohl said August 20. Send the winner a Hummer to EES Alb. and charge the freight to Robert Berg.

    When is your due date????

  7. I'm guessing August 28 but wishing for September 16

    His grandfather's 80th birthday is 9-16

    Peggy Tyler

  8. We've decided on Sept. 1st since it's Labor day! Ha ha! Hope all is well.

    The Bacik family

  9. Our guess is September 1st, Labor Day!

  10. August 30 I have 2 good friends (father and son) with the same birth date.

  11. I do believe that our grandson will be born on the 4th of Sept because it is the feast of Pope Gregory the Great------I will also be with you all and hope to be of some help with Payton etc-----
    Love, grandma dolan

  12. I still hope that our grandson is born on the 4th of September on Pope Gregory the Great's feast day!!
    Besides, I will be there to maybe be of some help to all 3 of you and will enjoy seeing you all:_)
    love, mom


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