Monday, July 28, 2008

Filling station air

Here is something I haven't seen in the States and I think it is a pretty good idea. To get air at the filling station I frequent you use the little portable air tank pictured below. The small tank just hangs on a bracket (left picture). Built into its handle is a flared female fitting that sits atop a mating male fitting (right picture). To put air in your tires just lift the tank off of the bracket and carry it around to each of your tires. You use the small hose to connect the tank to your tire and push one of the red buttons. One button lets air escape into your tire from the tank. The other red button releases air pressure from your tire. The gauge is really large and easy to read. When you're done you just place the tank back on the bracket. Through the fitting mentioned earlier the tank is automatically refilled ready to be used again. I rather liked using it. I thought is was far easier than dragging a hose around and much cleaner too. While I do think it is a good idea, so would the petty thieves in America. This thing would go missing from an American filling station quicker than you could blink your eye.

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