Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our 'King's Island' away from home

We have a very nice waterpark here in Neuchâtel. It's called Piscines du Nid-du-Crô. Seven bucks for adults and kids under 6 are free. Lockers are free too. You rent the key for 2 bucks, but get it back when you return the key. And dare I say that it is better than King's Island back in Cincinnati? It is for families with young kids. Payton loves the big sandbox. The family pool has a neat river around it you can float on. The dive pool has platforms has high as 10 meters (about 33 feet). There's lots of grass to spread your towel out on - sure beats the rough, hot concrete at King's Island. And of course there is the wonderful view of the lake - you can swim in it too. We've been a couple of times now and will surely go again.
Check out their video. It's in French so only Lisa will understand it, but for the rest of you (and me) just look at the pictures.

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