Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today was Payton's last day of school

Payton's last day of school was today. He's on summer vacation for about 6 weeks or so and won't return to school until August 18th. Golly jee whiz, what am I going to do to keep my boy occupied all summer?

I imagine Payton will want to swim in the pool each day. We're still trying to get our pool started up. I know nothing about pool plumbing nor how to clean a pool. The water in it is pretty dirty. The pool company is supposed to come today.

It seems like the entire work force of Switzerland takes the summer off. Summer would be the perfect time to take swim lessons right? On no, not here. No swim lessons in the summer - it's summer vacation. I will just have to work with him myself. Maybe I can teach him to at least emulate a cork instead of a rock.

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