Sunday, August 3, 2008

New banner for the blog

Today our view of the Alps was its best we've seen since winter. The Alps are some 40 miles south of us, you could clearly see a great amount of detail. The snow covered caps are even farther south. I took a bunch of pictures and stitched them together to make this panorama. I cropped out a section and made it our new blog banner.

It was hot here today - the lower 80s. I know Ohio would love to have the low 80s and this is nice as compared to the 90s or higher. I guess you just get used to your surrounding temperature. It was hot.

We went down to the lake and rented a little electric boat. It wasn't a fast boat to be sure. Neuchâtel looks a lot different from the water than from the shore. We saw things we hadn't noticed before. It was a fun thing to do.
Back at home I cooled off by jumping in the pool. I did my best to empty the pool. I made a pretty big splash. Payton really liked it. I stupidly - very stupidly - let Kathleen and Payton talk me into doing a belly flop. Pain. Never again. It made Payton laugh though.

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