Friday, August 1, 2008

A walk in the woods

Today is a national holiday in Switzerland - Swiss National Day. It is kind of like our 4th of July - an Independence Day of sorts. All the stores are closed and it is rainy and cool. We decided to head to France and check out grocery store prices. Some seem to think the prices are lower in France. We don't think so. With gas being $7 a gallon, French prices aren't anywhere near low enough to make it a worth while effort.

We took a round-about way back home driving northeast along the border staying on the French side. The River Doubs forms a 40 km border between France and Switzerland. We finally crossed it back into Switzerland. Soon afterward we pulled off the road and parked at a hotel alongside the river. From there we walked along the river just exploring. It made a dreary day turn out quite nice indeed.

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