Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Come out, Come out!

I had a doctors visit today to see how the baby was doing. All is well. Baby and Mom continue to grow. Great for the baby, but I am ready to have this guy. Right now I am sleeping very poorly and would rather spend my sleepless nights caring for little Jack-Jack than surfing the internet!

During a very vigourous walk on the treadmill the other morning Stanton asked if I was trying to walk the baby out of me... I am. I'm down to about 2.5 miles, but still trying to walk everyday.

We had some sticker shock doing some last minute clothing shopping for the baby! Switzerland is expensive, we know that, but $15 for a cotton infant cap. Give me a break! We did buy a new stroller. I've had stroller envy here. They have some very cool designs in Europe and our Graco stroller we brought from the US just wasn't feeling very fashionable. We got another Graco so that our infant bucket seats for the car are compatible, but it has a much cooler design.

I think we are pretty well set now. Just need that baby!! I'll keep walking, maybe do a little hopping around too, but I'm now thinking September odds are rising quickly.

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