Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Moon tonight

So is there any truth to there being more births on a full moon? Tonight we will see if it makes a difference, but my money says no. I do feel like the little guy has dropped down some, although I don' t think he is quite ready to come into the world. He is still having too much fun rolling around in my belly and keeping me awake most of the night!

We ventured down to Lausanne today so I could get my hair cut. Not that they don't have hair salons in Neuchâtel, but I found a women on one of the expat web-sites that was from the US and now has her own Salon in Switzerland. It's reassuring to be able to understand what the person holding scissors to your hair is saying! I left happy with my hair cut and will definately return.

We then did the usual sight-seeing stroll around the town center. My strolling is becoming more limited, but I did take on a pretty steep hill! We stopped in on our usual favorites - a Starbucks and a book store! Yes, we can be so predictable. Payton took this fine picture of us. We dined on some local fast food too - Donner Kabobs. Basically bar-b-q chicken (or lamb) in either tortilla wraps or large rolls. The portions are very generous and I found them to be very tasty.

On the way home we checked out a large park Stanton had heard about. We will have to return after the baby comes because it was getting late. They have this tree climbing section that sounds like fun and is open to kids 4 and older. Payton just has 1 month to meet that mark! Stanton and I will have to flip a coin to see who gets to climb trees and who watches the baby.

I think this was our last little trip until the baby comes. Only two weeks to my due date. I'm still working some, but cut back a lot this week. With no sleep at night I have trouble driving and I've always been terrible about getting sleepy when I drive. Not the best thing if you saw the narrow curvy roads I take to work each day!

Come on Dad! I gotta pee!

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  1. I met some nurses in labor and delivery last week that not only swear by the full moon thing, also believe fluctuations in barometric pressure also have the same effect.  Best of luck, I am sending good thoughts your way!  


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