Saturday, August 9, 2008

We saw WALL·E

Today we traveled to Geneva. We went for the day - the whole day. On the way down we stopped at IKEA (outside of Lausanne) to pick up a few things. Surprisingly the prices are only slightly higher than US prices. Once in Geneva we of course stopped at a Starbucks. We found a theater, er cinema, playing WALL·E in English. It was subtitled in French though. It was a nice cinema. ¡FORTY BUCKS! for the three of us to see the movie, but the price did include a rather large popcorn. We went for the movie and Geneva's fireworks show. The fireworks show started at 10 pm. Man oh man there were a lot of people there. Geneva is having their annual 10-day or so festival. We left the show early, but not early enough. It took a long, long time to get out of Geneva. It was long day. Payton held up well. I thought Kathleen was going to have a cow. All the walking was probably a bit much for her, but she survived. I don't think we will do the Geneva fireworks next year.

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