Monday, January 5, 2009

I have NETFLIX envy

What a wonderful service Netflix is. All the DVDs you can watch in a month for $17 or so. You get unlimited online movie watching too. And if you so desire cancel anytime you wish. Life isn't this simple in Switzerland.

Swiss DVD Rental is a website offering a very similar deal to Netflix and the DVDs are in English. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Not really.

You can rent a single DVD for Fr10.00. Ouch! Better have it back in a week or it is another Fr10.00. Ouch again! If late fees aren't your thing you can get a membership.

Five DVDs at a Time is the 'Netflix' program. The website says "No maximum number you can rent in a month". Really now? Just four sentences later the website says "Watch up to 40 DVDs a month for only Fr64.00 per month". Ouch ouch ouch a third, forth and fifth time! I guess the Swiss running this site can't count past 40 - unless it is your money. Oh, you can't cancel anytime either. You have to give 2 weeks notice.

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