Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sledging...on a race sledge

Last Saturday we went sledging with the Marciondo's. Payton only has a disc type sledge which is fine for a puny hill in your backyard. It simply won't do for the hills in Switzerland. One, it is unsafe. You can't steer it nor brake it. Two, it isn't very cool. The Marciondo's had a racing sledge you could steer and brake. Payton had a good time with it.

If Payton was going to go sledging whenever, he needed a proper sledge. Yesterday I got one for him. Payton being a Cincinnati kid needed a SnoTiger! Payt and I tried it out today and he did pretty darn well. He is still learning left and right, but he works the brake very well.
Sledge: (noun) British for sleigh or sled..... just in case you were wondering.

PS: Parker did go sledging with us the other day when we went with the Marciondo's. He did his usual thing and slept.

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