Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A political poster around the country against an upcoming national vote on February 8th. It is sponsored by the Swiss People's Party. It says something like 'Open door with the abuses? No!' It has something to do with, well, something. I don't care. What I find interesting about the poster is its bold imagery. The colors - black, white and red. Very bold. It looks very, very menacing don't you think? The big black crows pecking away at poor little Switzerland. It makes me think of WWII German posters. BTW, this party's largest support base is in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Here is another poster from an earlier campaign for the deportation of criminal foreigners. Again with the bold graphics. Their posters really get your attention. In the end though, I think this campaign failed.

I don't recall seeing posters quite this in the States. If I do I will be scared if their backers are wearing arm bands!

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