Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

We arrived back in the States on November 19. We stayed around the 'big house' for a couple of days and then headed south to Hilton Head Island. The Dolan clan gathers there annually for Thanksgiving. We get to spend a week or so at the beach and it is really nice - both the beach and the gathering.

This year was the largest yet. There was more extended family and immediate family. The Dolan grand children now number 11 and everyone says that's it. I believe there were about 26 having dinner at the Dolan's this year. The house couldn't accommodate this many easily so it was decided to clear out the garage, add a few tables and host the whole shebang out there. Jack had just finished painting the garage and it turned out to be a really nice setting.
Here is Kathleen helping setting things up. Grandma Dolan was busy busy busy. Except for Grandpa Dolan, the guys (son and sons-in-law) pretty much watched TV, snacked and waited for the dinner bell.
I tried to take this plate of food to my spot, but was told to leave some for others. Me, I am a meat and potatoes guy. The rest of you can eat the veggies. Now where is the gravy boat?

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  1. Love all the pictures . . they are all great and bring back memories of a great week. Just think, next year we will be chasing around 1 year olds!


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