Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remodeled family room

After getting back from Hilton Head we set about having our family room remodeled. We didn't tear anything out, we just added a feature. Our neighbor had a coffered ceiling put in their family room weeks earlier and we liked it so much we had the same done to our house. We made some minor lighting changes in the kitchen and added crown molding around the foyer and upstairs hallway. It took 2 weeks and we are really pleased with the results.

The coffered ceiling makes the family room seem much larger. It isn't of course. I think what it does is give more to look at in the room by making you look up. Our lighting isn't installed in these pictures. While putting the ceiling in took 2 weeks, the lights took another 2 weeks to arrive.
We had an entertainment center built and installed in '03. We have a few more architectural ideas for the room, but we think it looks pretty good as is.
When we bought this house this room had only one feature - the fireplace. Even it only went up the wall to its mantel. The walls were gray and the floor was carpeted. Uggghh.

In the kitchen we changed out the island can lights for pendents and swapped out the modern breakfast table light for one that matched the pendents.
The kitchen was also once gray. Since living here we have painted it, replaced the laminate counter tops and Kathleen added a very nice tiled back splash. We would really like getting new cabinets and rearranging them some, but that would mean doing the counter tops again. That's a big pill to swallow.

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