Monday, September 22, 2008

Bacon Butty Sandwich

Several of the TV shows I watch here - either on the tele or the computer - are British shows. I have heard savory references to a sandwich called Bacon something. It is sometimes hard to understand the British accent, but after rewinding to listen again and again I now know the sandwich is a Bacon Butty. These are very popular in Britain. They are eaten throughout the day. They are what I would call a bacon sandwich, but with a twist. The bacon sandwich I have has mayonnaise on it. A Bacon Butty has HP sauce. HP sauce is a brown sauce and very similar to - if not exactly the same - A1 sauce. This I am going to have to try when we travel to Britain.

Want to try one at home? Start with dry cured, thick sliced bacon and make some snips into the fatty areas. This will keep your rashers (slices of bacon) from curling up too much. Cook until crispy, not burnt or dry. Pile your rashers on a slice of bread. Cover the other slice with HP sauce and then put it sauce-side down in the frying pan. Leave it there a minute or so to soak up some juice and get nice and warm (but not toasted). Assemble your mighty buttie and eat straight away. Sounds yummie eh?


  1. I hadn't read your blog in awhile-I loved seeing all those new pics. You guys seem like you're really having a great time over there. We can't wait to see you when you return-the boys and I have a gift for Parker. I hope all is well with everyone, he looks pretty cotent and healthy. I never heard of the bacon butty sandwich. It sounds ok, doesn't sound all too good for you, though :)
    FYI-my little guy gave some kid a bloody nose on the bus the other day. Good times!

  2. Any post about meat, meat sandwiches, meat stew, meat on the grill, from the oven, skillet, or frying pan, as well as tenderized meat, over or under cooked meat, deer elk moose pig cow goose duck or chicken meat is ALWAYS appreciated from us Meatatarians!

    Keep up the good work, can't wait to try the Bacon Buddy.

  3. I'd have Yo' Mam on a Bacon Barm .


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