Monday, September 29, 2008

A hike in the woods

We packed a light lunch, picked Payton up at school and headed to the woods for a walk-about. We headed for the botanical garden not far from school. We didn't know exactly where it was and it turned out to be a good thing. We parked much farther from it than we needed to, but this allowed us - made us - walk through the woods. It was a nice day to do so and we enjoyed ourselves. Note that we packed the little guy too. Kathleen hauled Parker around the whole hike. Mostly he just slept through the entire adventure.
We did have a downer at the end of our hike. Payton and I were goofing around in the parking lot after our walk. He fell backwards, smacked his head and then we were in the ER. He split his head open, but it was a small split. In the back too so any scar will be covered. The Doc glued him back together and he is doing fine.

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