Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beware of sending Gifts!

We have on several occasion wondered how economical it would be to ship goods from the US to Switzerland. Especially for gifts or items we just can't seem to find here or to bring Christmas gifts back to Switzerland after the Holidays. We have mail ordered a couple of items and experienced paying import taxes. Basically we pay shipping when we order an item and then have to pay the Swiss Postal service another fee to get the package. It can get quite expensive. Well...... we got a good idea yesterday that shipping gift items into Switzerland is not a cost effective venture.

A wonderful and well meaning friend sent us a beautiful gift for the birth of our new baby. They paid about $60 US to send the gift. We got a nice little note in our mailbox to pick it up from the post office. After paying $55 CHF in Swiss Postal Service extortion fees (I mean import duties) we were able to retrieve our gift.

So, in case you are tempted to send us anything, please resist! Send us a card or an email instead and donate the shipping charges to charity!

US forwarding Post Box: (for letters, cards, etc., basically envelopes)

Taylor Family
Obtech - Switzerland
PO Box 950
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

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