Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If Grandma says so it has to be true

Thanks Grandma for coming to Switzerland to be with us and help us out!

Both Mama Mi and Parker looked much better this morning. Each was rested and ready for the day.
My little man was rough on himself his first night. He scratched his face up pretty good. The hospital doesn't normally trim babies nails for a month. Kathleen is waiting patiently to get home so she can either trim them or at least file them down a bit. Ever so carefully though, they are quite delicate.
Payton took to his little brother really well. He still calls him Jack-Jack, sometimes Jack-Jack Parker. Kind of sounds like a cowboy nickname.
The three boys of the family and this really isn't far from the the truth.

P.S. > That money shot - I have to fess up. It wasn't staged and the picture is real, but she isn't in pain. Instead she is just yawning. She was tired and had been at the baby thing for a while.

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  1. Hey Kathleen and Stanton and Payton, congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. He is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to hold him and give you and Payton a big hug in November. Let Stanton wait on you "hand and foot". Take advantage of the opportunity. May God bless you all. He is beautiful. Pam and Scott


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