Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday! Payton is 4!

Today is Payton's 4th birthday! Mama mi made two cakes for him. The first was taken to school this morning to share with his classmates. The second was shared by the three of us when he got home. Parker is of course a little too young to be having cake so he just laid on the couch.
"I'll just huff and puff and blow these candles out."
"Uh? I just blew those out."
"I'll just do it again."
"There. Job well don........."
"Hey what's going on here?"
As you can probably surmise by now we had put trick candles on Payton's cake. These candles tricked us all because neither Kathleen or I knew we bought these. This sort of thing can happen when you can't read the package label. I bought them. Kathleen would have known better. The only French I know is merci, s’il vous plaît and Je me rends! (I surrender!). (Note - Parker is in the background laying on the couch.)
The trick candles didn't bother Payton. He likes blowing out candles - sometimes much to our dismay. We all got a good laugh about them. Though maybe not his school teachers. We put these on his school cake too!
Payton got a bunch of Caterpiller machinery for his sandbox. Time to put away the beach toys he had in there.
His new articulated dump trucks, motor graders, tracked hydraulic excavator, wheeled loader, skid steer loader and tracked dozer are great in his sandbox. Payton seems to like the articulated dump trucks, while my personal favorite is the wheeled loader.

His other present was a scooter. He hasn't quite, but nearly has, outgrown his Like-a-Bike yet. Kids here ride the heck out of scooters - some adults too. They are a bit more practical for transportation than bikes. Around the city and in the parks they're smaller and more maneuverable. And where you can't ride you walk. A scooter is easily carried where you can't ride.

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