Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fete de Vendanges

Ah, All 3 boys are napping and Mommy has some quiet time! It's a cool Sunday afternoon, the NFL pregame show is on TV, now if I could just order a good Pizza for delivery I would think I was back home in the US!

Yesterday we went to the Fete des Vendanges. This is a huge event to celebrate the grape harvest in Neuchâtel. I had expected something like a wine festival in the U.S. where each of the local wineries has a booth set up to sell their wines and you could stroll around sampling the offerings.
What we found was more akin to State fair type atmosphere mixed with a little "G" rated Mardi Gras. There was a parade starting out that featured the commune (town) we live in, Corcelles, mixed with marching bands. TONS of confetti was part of the parade and continued to be thrown well afterward. Following the parade we found endless food vendors, carnival rides, and games. Booths seemed to be run by every type of food vendor, restaurant, and social club in the region. What I didn't find was a single Winery! I did manage to get a small glass of Vin Rouge to sip on, but that's all. Given that I was carrying Parker in my baby BJORN carrier, it was probably not wise to get tipsy.
We wandered through the crowds and vendors for some time and then decided it was time to leave the excitement to the partiers. Good thing too because Parker decided he didn't want to sleep last night. Thankfully Stanton and I can pull shifts, but a fussy baby can make for a long night.

Right now, he's sleeping like and Angel....

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