Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Swiss Riviera

We made a quick trip down to the Swiss Riviera, the city of Vevey to be exact. This area is very hilly with vinyards aplenty and on the northeast shore of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). And of course, there is a Starbucks here too.Payton likes riding the merry-go-rounds. We are finding they are very common throughout Switzerland.

I don't know what it is about the Swiss women and their colored hair. They seem to like shades of maroon and purple a great deal. This orange hair has been the brightest and boldest we have seen to date.
Somebody put a fork in it so this lake must be done.
Charlie Chaplin lived the latter part of his life in Vevey.

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  1. Wow, must be nice to take a jaunt to Lac Leman just on a whim. None of that happening here in Ohio. It looks like you all are doing well. Grandma must be loving it, being there when Parker was born and taking him to see so many places. Enjoy!


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